Masters in Computer Science for Aerospace, University of Toulouse III Bachelor of Technology in IT, SGGS Nanded.       Prior to UPS, I spent one year working on software development and IoT projects at a startup firm “Vensark Technologies LLP India”, where my remarkable contribution is in the Remote Patient Monitoring System (visit to see more). I also took the lead in analyzing large datasets and working with raw biometric sensor data. I collaborated cross-functionally with other medical and engineering teams to communicate our work to colleagues and management. This practical experience in sensor processing as well as working with a collaborative team, has given me the skills needed to excel in this role.      My master’s thesis is focused on Radio Geolocalization by Trilateration with Resolution of Third Dimensional Error (please find thesis copy in attachment). The major problem I have solved in my thesis was the trilateration geometry ignores the third dimension

Radio Geo localization by Trilateration with Resolution of Third Dimensional Error

 This is my master's thesis is proposing a LoRa radio geolocation solver for the University campus-level area. It is basically useful for ground-level applications for tracking location over large range without satellites, Three LoRa nodes are time-synchronized on Raspberry Pi using NTP (Network Time Protocol). A separate network server has been installed to centralize the packets received and processing for the computation of Trilateration to get geolocation and to provide API (Application Program Interface) for the application layer. Trilateration geometry ignores the third dimension altitude to consider during computations, later it gets tolerated as an error in the intersection area of three circles, this erroneous third dimension I refer to as a 3D error. The result of location is in local coordinates on the XY plane and to make it globally recognizable bearing and distance methods have been used. You can find the codes of this project on GitHub:

Android GPS Tracking System.

I have built it successfully you may find the source code of the whole project on the GitHub:

Supply Chain and Billing Management Software

When I was working in Vensark Technologies LLP, I alone had developed a full web and android mobile application for supply chain and billing management for CSEPL Nanded .

Live Webcasting of Polling Election Booths

 I have developed and implemented a project "Live Webcasting of Polling Election Booths" in Nanded city. It was a tender from district collector Nanded issued by the order of Election Commission of India to do monitoring of booths while Parliament Elections 2014. When I was just in the third semester of my bachelors I got a golden opportunity through my SGGS Engineering Institute to do something for my nation to do the Live Webcasting of Election Booths to maintain the peace during voting. Although I was not that knowledgeable person and streaming technology at that time in 2013 was not well known to everyone.  District Magistrate of Nanded city calls for competition in which various big companies like BSNL were invited along with the university and colleges. When all students from Bachelors to Masters presented their ideas I thought I stand nowhere as being a third-semester student. But luckily everybody loved my presentation and finalized to present to the district magistra

e-Healthcare System

 This project is about remote diagnosis and treatment of patients involves many embedded programmed biometric sensors signal processing and creation of IoT online portal to show visual reports and prescription guidelines after deep-learning the signals. you can find more information about this project on the below links and you may see the simulation videos below. You can visit the portal: or the main site:

Active: E-Commerce Website

Since I had a great experience with a fail E-commerce startup of the food delivery system WishMyDish.  I received an offer to develope the same for a local restaurant Les Saveurs de L'inde in France . With some changes to my previous source code and as per the client's requirement I have successfully completed the whole food delivery system. you can visit the site on .

A Startup WishMyDish - Food Delivery System

 In 2019, I and my college friends Satyam, Penshanwar, Vishal Undre, and Sainath Gaikwad have had a startup named WishMyDish. Unfortunately, it couldn't last long due to some personal problems we had to discontinue the venture after 6 months. Anyway, it was a great experience. I was working as a CEO and I alone had developed the whole Food Delivery website like UberEats and Deliveroo. The system was built on the top of WordPress and WooCommerce. Later on, we had developed a customized plugin as per our requirement. We also have provided a delivery job to 3 people and software development job to the 5 interns. Now the website named is offline but you may still find some traces on Facebook page: