Masters in Computer Science for Aerospace, University of Toulouse III

Bachelor of Technology in IT, SGGS Nanded. 

    Prior to UPS, I spent one year working on software development and IoT projects at a startup firm “Vensark Technologies LLP India”, where my remarkable contribution is in the Remote Patient Monitoring System (visit to see more). I also took the lead in analyzing large datasets and working with raw biometric sensor data. I collaborated cross-functionally with other medical and engineering teams to communicate our work to colleagues and management. This practical experience in sensor processing as well as working with a collaborative team, has given me the skills needed to excel in this role.
    My master’s thesis is focused on Radio Geolocalization by Trilateration with Resolution of Third Dimensional Error (please find thesis copy in attachment). The major problem I have solved in my thesis was the trilateration geometry ignores the third dimension altitude to consider during computations, later it gets tolerated as an error in the intersection area of three circles, this erroneous third dimension we have referred it as a 3D error.

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