Live Webcasting of Polling Election Booths

 I have developed and implemented a project "Live Webcasting of Polling Election Booths" in Nanded city. It was a tender from district collector Nanded issued by the order of Election Commission of India to do monitoring of booths while Parliament Elections 2014.

When I was just in the third semester of my bachelors I got a golden opportunity through my SGGS Engineering Institute to do something for my nation to do the Live Webcasting of Election Booths to maintain the peace during voting. Although I was not that knowledgeable person and streaming technology at that time in 2013 was not well known to everyone. 

District Magistrate of Nanded city calls for competition in which various big companies like BSNL were invited along with the university and colleges. When all students from Bachelors to Masters presented their ideas I thought I stand nowhere as being a third-semester student. But luckily everybody loved my presentation and finalized to present to the district magistrate with some important inputs (solving public IP issue) from my senior student. And district magistrate also selected my idea among all. This was one of the happiest times in my life.

Later we did the same project for Maharashtra assembly elections.

That time since the streaming technologies were poor this time in 2020 I have built the most advanced streaming engine on a dedicated server and in the future I am looking forward to doing the same throughout the countries elections.


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