Radio Geo localization by Trilateration with Resolution of Third Dimensional Error

 This is my master's thesis is proposing a LoRa radio geolocation solver for the University campus-level area. It is basically useful for ground-level applications for tracking location over large range without satellites, Three LoRa nodes are time-synchronized on Raspberry Pi using NTP (Network Time Protocol). A separate network server has been installed to centralize the packets received and processing for the computation of Trilateration to get geolocation and to provide API (Application Program Interface) for the application layer. Trilateration geometry ignores the third dimension altitude to consider during computations, later it gets tolerated as an error in the intersection area of three circles, this erroneous third dimension I refer to as a 3D error. The result of location is in local coordinates on the XY plane and to make it globally recognizable bearing and distance methods have been used.

You can find the codes of this project on GitHub:


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