Traffic Management System

 This is my Bachelors Thesis Research. 

You can find the whole source code of the project on GitHub:

Soon I will update the video of the simulation.

It's been a big honor and recognition to me that this research has been published in IEEE's Digital Library:

In India 390 lives lost their lives in road accidents in a single day. While 17 lives were lost in road accidents every hour. This accident happens at zigzag roads because dug, less friction, drinking alcohol, etc. This all can be control by law but to avoid accidents causing because drivers are often not able to see the vehicle coming from the opposite side due to the shape of the road. The first module of this project “Signal on Zig Zag Road” (SZR) proposes the system which is able to reduce the accidents on Zigzag roads. In this system, we used sensors that will recognize the upcoming vehicles on the road. This sensed value in the input of the microcontroller. Then this microcontroller gives a signal to the drivers as the number of vehicles coming from your opposite side. Usually, the traffic signal can only control the traffic but if someone is breaking the signal then this system is not able to catch them. Therefore for increasing the security of traffic signals and to reduces human efforts and to help for avoiding bribery, we are introducing the second module of the project “Smart Traffic Signal System” (STS). If the signal is red and any vehicle is breaking signal then this system can detect it and take immediate action by giving buzzer alarm and by capturing the image of the vehicle to know exactly when, where, which vehicle has break signal by saving the image in some folder as name of current date and time.

For more information read this thesis available on ResearchGate.


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